A travelogue of our 2 weeks together in Tokyo. With additional footage shot during the same year.

After our first travelogue “In Costa Blanca” it’s obvious we got helplessly addicted to traveling. The same year we decided to fulfill some of our childhood dreams, Maceo moved to New York for a year and I moved to Tokyo the same year. On the winter break of 2011 we reunited in Tokyo with our cameras and skateboards, the golden formula.
A few days into the adventure we both caught a merciless influenza, which unfortunately had us passed out for days but as I kept repeating to myself “it doesn’t matter, this is what we want to do - so let’s do it!”. Soon we found ourselves on our boards again, in true soeducational spirit we were all over the place and met wonderful people. There are countless of stories we didn’t get to cover this time but I know I mustn’t feel bad about that. I’m sure we will be back in the future, to do just that.  : )

Japan is a country that has to be experienced. Under my year living there I grew so much perspective that I now naturally say “I grew up in Sweden, Spain & Japan”. So much to say about that place, it’s insane. So much to discover on this planet we woke up on that, to call this experience anything else than so educational must be a joke!

The journey continues. We’re hyped! May the force may be with you too, friend!

/ Leo & Maceo